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Sato Dogs

What is a Sato? A Street dog from Puerto Rico. A tough breed that can withstand being neglected and still be so full of love. As you will see, they all look different and they all have unique stories but, they also have two thing in common. Their dignity and love they have to offer despite their trials. People who have adopted Sato's LOVE them. Over the last two years we have helped many people make a connection with this "breed". We call this phenomena Satomania... To find out about these dogs, please read below.

We are now helping a group of people in Puerto Rico, who are diligently working to help the "Sato Dogs". These dogs have been abused, tortured and abandoned on beaches such as "Dead Dog Beach", "Los Machos Beach" and "Los Pinones Beach" as well as other animals abandoned on the island. We are joining their efforts to try to save some of these dogs by bringing them stateside into our foster homes to be made available to loving and caring homes. It is very expensive to get them healthy and have them shipped stateside. If you are interested in helping us help these dogs, click on the paypal donation button, and specify to help the Sato's. For more information on the sato dogs and the group we are working with on this, please go to: http://www.amigosdelosanimalespr.org/ Some pictures of Sato dogs are below... Please help us to help them.

A Wag On Inn Rescue volunteer actually went down to Puerto Rico to see first hand what these dogs endure. Below are the stories of the ones that we actually helped from the beaches to safety (All but Clem who needs heartworm treatment, Kramer and Homer who is flying out to California have made it to us in New Jersey).  Please donate to help these and other dogs get well and come to us to find their forever LOVING home.

Here is a pictorial video about rescue in puerto Rico.


nene come soonNene has to be treated for heartworm before going home. See this sweet boys story below.... (Nene has been adopted)

Lucy come soonSmiley Lucy has to be treated for heartworm before going home. See Lucy's story below....

(Lucy has been adopted since this story was written).


One of our volunteers went down to Puerto Rico with three other woman from the Monmouth County SPCA to join forces with Adri from Amigos de los Animales to rescue dogs from the beaches and to see where the dogs we take in come from and to see the conditions they must live in. We need money to continue to help and heal these fortunate ones.  Fortunate because we can help them. Please consider being a part of this mission. Help us to help them by donating. There is no such thing as a donation that is too small. If you'd like to mail a check, see our "Sponsorship Info" page.



ddbSurvivors of Dead Dog Beach:

Lucy facelucy body"Lucy"
"Lucy" made us all cry. This poor girl is about 5 years old. She's been seen on the beach for about three weeks by the woman who comes to feed them. About 15 inches tall, she weighs only 10 pounds (my 16" shibas weigh 30 pounds). She is currently at the vet, eating and holding down her food. We hope she is strong enough to continue to improve and eventually come stay with us while we find a home where her people will love her the rest of her days. Poor Lucy is suffering from Starvation, Mange, Heartworm, Anaplasmosis and ehrlichiosis(two tick born illnesses) as well as internal and external parasites. The vet couldn't even get a fecal as there was nothing there. Despite all this she approached with a wagging tail and a lick. She wouldn't have survived out there much longer. Because of her condition, she will be fostered by Adri of Amigos De Los Animales until strong and healthy enough to travel. After a month, she arrived in New Jersey where she is currently in foster care and being treated for heartworm.
(Look at Lucy now....What a difference two weeks can make!)
Lucy now

and now....

lucylucy side

Kramer bodyKramer itch"Kramer"
Kramer is only 1-2 years old. Poor guy couldn't stop scratching himself. Isa, a volunteer with Amigos De Los Animales in Puerto Rico said that Kramer needed to be one we helped. He's now at the vet being treated for Anaplasmosis and Mange. Once healed we will work on bringing him home to New Jersey. I'm sure he's grateful to be able to stop itching all the time.

Maizymaizy head"Maizy" *Adopted*
Maizy is only 6 months old. Ellen fell for her, and decided we had to help her. Amazingly she was healthy except for internal and external parasites. She was updated on shots at the vet, got her health certificate and flew home with us. She is currently being fostered to adopt with Ellen. She's enjoying her new family of humans and canines and loves her new bed.

molly3molly tired"Molly" *Adopted*
"Molly" crawled up to Francesca on her belly and slowly rolled over belly up onto her feet. How could she leave this one behind? Molly is 2-3 years old about 14 pounds and very gentle. Once she was safe, she let out a sigh and promptly took a nap. Molly proved to be healthy except for internal and external parasites, so was taken care of, updated on shots, got a health certificate and got to be carried on the plane with us bound for New Jersey. Molly is now being fostered by Francesca adoption pending based on Molly idea of cats. We found Molly loves cats much more then dogs.

los machos beachSurvivors of Los Machos Beach:

clem bodyclem kiss "Clem"
"Clem" followed us all around the beach. As though he were part of our group, and who could leave a pack member behind? Clem came back with us as we made our daily visit to the vet. He was so grateful giving gentle licks to anyone who would pay attention to him. He has heartworm and anaplasmosis as well as the ever present parasites. Once he's healthy and we can schedule a transport, he will be coming to New Jersey. Clem weighs about 30 pounds. (Clem has been adopted)

maritza and Kathymaritza leaves the beach"Maritza" *Adopted*
Little Maritza is only 2-3 months old. How can anyone leave a sweet baby behind? She is at the vets being treated for her mange before going to Adri for foster pending a health certificate and a scheduled transport. Maritza was being fostered by one of our volunteers and adopted by her mother. Maritza is now living in Colorado with two canine sisters and two feline sisters.

Homer boy"Homer"
Homer was being worked with by Shanti of Amigos de los Animales for about eight months. She was  slowly socializing him but had to move to California before she could finish her mission of recuing this 3 year old lab. With the help of Adri, we completed the task and called Shanti to let her know that we got Homer and he's now at the vets. Homer is suffering from a severe case of mange. He also has Heartworm and Anaplasmosis. Internal and external parasites. However Homer is on his way to recovery and a home out in California under the guidance of Shanti. (Homer has been adopted).

Survivor of Pinones Beach:

Adri of Amigos de Los Animales, started the Pinones Beach Project.(http://pinonesbeachproject.blogspot.com/We didn't have any time to even get to "her" beach while rescuing from the others. Thursday night we were sitting just about finished with our dinner. Adri was telling us about a dog she wanted to catch on her beach, it was as if he was summonsed. Across the street "Nene" showed up looking at us. Adri went over and scooped him up. He will now be treated by Adri under the guidance of her vet, Dr. Casta. Here she is after crossing the street to get Nene. Just a little "Benji type" terrier boy that was perfectly happy to have her bend down and pick him up. Nene is now in New Jersey getting heartworm treatment while in foster care.
(And after two weeks, take a look at nene the happy boy)

nene now

For other pictures of our trip, click this link:

Again, please consider donating to this cause....

Besides donations of money, you can help us help them,  if traveling to Puerto Rico on American Airlines, act as an escort to get them back to New Jersey. Email amigosdelosanimalespr@gmail.com for more information on this simple way to help. 

Here's a slide show of one of our many "Satos":



Adri of Amigos de los Animales who is helping the dogs of Puerto Rico as much as she can has a blogspot. Check out her blog here:

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